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61 thoughts on “ideas

  1. Hi Americans, speaking of HowdyCon 2017, today I applied for my ESTA but I left some questions blank (as: Contact Person in the US, Living address in the USA, related phone numbers etc.). I was told I could leave those fields blank but… I did not receive an automatic and immediate acceptance… The site says I’ve to wait 72 hours to see if I will be accepted in the USA as tourist (yeah what else?).
    As you can imagine, I never took part to any terroristic attack nor do I plan to put one in place, and so forth.
    Do you think giving a reference person in Denver could help? And eventually, who?
    Did anyone ever think that some of the ESTA questions seem to dig for your past crimes or evil intentions? Does this light any bulb in anyone brains?
    A friend of mine advised me to wait for the ESTA acceptance before buying the plane ticket and I will do so.
    Any advice from you locals will be appreciated.


  2. Anyone interested in having a PRO-TRUMP party one evening. I think most of us lean in that direction? Let me know.
    Make America Great Again!


      1. So far I’ve been contacted by 6 people who are in for the Pro Trump party! It won’t interfere so lets see some more of you real patriots get involved. TRUMP in 2000!!


  3. Hi, everyone!
    Check passport: done! (exp: 2021 – good).
    Book Milan-Denver-Milan flight: tbd shortly
    Esta visa: tbd soon after
    I keep my finger crossed but I may be with you all next June!
    As my avatar says, I will also be trying to have a paraglider o paramotr flight on the GC! (any help appreciated on this…).

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  4. New follower and not sure I even have an avatar? But I live in Denver and love to hate Scientology- can I join the fun?

    Is there a cost or tickets? I’m kinda confused. (It’s those brain thetons!)


    1. no ticket yet . I am just getting it all organized . There will be a cocktail party of ” OMG so good to see you again and OMG so good to meet you ” type of thing …that place has not been locked down yet. I have a place locked down for dinner and I am guessing $35-$45 a person for dinner . There will be passed appetizers , 2 drink tickets for you ,( $$ of you want more ) and 3 different food stations . Email me anytime


  5. While the Incas solved their altitude problems by sucking on the leaves of the coca plant (the precursor to cocaine) we have come up with a much more effective solution today.

    If you are concerned about having issues catching your breath, which is a very valid point, I highly recommend an over the counter inhaler. This is far beyond accurate medical advice, but when I went to Big Bear with a group of friends they laughed at me with my inhaler. By the time we reached the top of the steps to get into our cabin they were all begging for a puff because I was the only one who had caught my breath.

    In my experience it takes a day or two to get used to the change in oxygen concentration.

    As far as games, I recommend:

    **Pin the belly on Hubbard
    **Scientology trivia
    **Cards Against Humanity
    **Guess what I’m thinking using this e-meter

    Anyone who has old Scientology books or junk they want to get rid of can bring it/ship it and we can pass those items out as prizes.

    Also, we should have a sort of sports book, like they do at casinos. Where people can make predictions about what is going to happen to Scientology starting July 1 of 2017 and ending June 30 of 2018. We can make that an ongoing thing. You can guess on the future of ongoing lawsuits, new lawsuits, how many will be filed, etc.

    Last but not least, have you figured out how much you’ll need to cover dinner? Or were we all just going to pay for our own on the day of?

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    1. I am trying to get a place that does not have a room rental fee , so I am thinking $40 a head or so for passed appetizers …2 drink tickets with a full cash bar , and a couple of food stations as opposed to a buffet so people can walk around …3 stations with different stuff . Hight top cocktail tables and round tables for milling and seating . Room rental / buy out costs can run up to $4,500 . I ain’t plannin a wedding so I want to try to keep it simple . Also wanna do a cocktail ” OMG SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ” party at a dive bar not far from the hotel …just maybe save space in a back room …waiting to hear back from some people .


      1. Try the The Old Spaghetti Factory 1215 18th St, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 295-1864. They have banquet rooms. Last I checked in 2012 they didn’t charge a room fee. Prices are reasonable and they work with you.


    2. We have lots of old scientology books and crap. We usually use them for fuel in our fire pit, but we could bring some to share too. 🙂

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  6. Maybe , there is a bluebird , that you can rent and put All 9 people (guests) inside …?
    Big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.


    1. well …the event is not until June and most of the hotel rooms are already booked . I guess this means we won’t being seeing you there . Gee …what a bummer . Also ..I know the guys who run the Bluebird so that is a pretty good idea . However …i think my high school reunion is going to be there again so I don’t really want to rent the place . Great place for a party though …if you are ever invited to one there, you should totally go


  7. Over the years I have Never heard anything positive about the ahols that run the Scamtology scam. Stealing people’s money, ruining lives, murder, and whatever they can do to enrich those in the upper echelon, especially david Miscarriage. He is a punkass bully that may finally be exposed as leader of a non-chuurch! Go Leah.


  8. If this event comes off as planned, I propose we have the very “First Annual Suppressive Persons Gala Ball”
    I live in Denver and would love to make it happen,….oh and i am officially declared.
    A costume ball, prizes for the best LRH look a like!!!
    You get the idea

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    1. OT but I am curious about your name. Do you have a couple of brothers who were involved in scientology in the seventies? And maybe still are? And a sister in law named Claudia? I am looking forward to attending HowdyCon 2017. Maybe see you there.


        1. I’m very happy you were never in and appreciate all of your work on this gathering. It stuns and humbles me to know how many people who were never in are so involved in working towards ending this sham that calls itself a church. I live in the area, if you need anyone to help with grunt work or transportation.

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    2. I am thinking of putting a house band together for the event.

      Possible names:

      The Jokers and Degraders

      Xenu Allstars

      Return to Teegiack

      The Body Thetans

      The FreeWinders

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  9. Hey everyone! Just want to say I am so looking forward to this!

    A couple of tips — take the altitude seriously. If you come from lower altitudes and have never been a mile high, you will definitely feel it. Lots of water, and taking it easy is the way to go!

    There is a lot of great public art in Denver. A walking tour of the sights downtown is a must, so plan a little time for that. Get a picture with the Big Blue Bear, and the Denver Art Museum.

    I live in the Boulder area myself, if you want some recommendations for food, coffee, or weed shops up here, let me know.

    I am so eager to meet folks, I can’t wait. And I will be dressed as my avatar — that will be easy, because that’s ME in that picture. 🙂

    Also — Kim, thanks for your hard work organizing this!

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  10. Rumor has it that Kim O’Brien is actually the reincarnated spirit of Marie Antoinette, except she does the beheading. This service will be offered at HowdyCon for a nominal fee. 😂

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    1. Dressing as my avatar would be trivially easy for me… Just dress for work, but with my hair slicked back a little. So I’m all for it. I’d like to see Dodo the Laser look like his avatar. Or maybe Mighty Korgo of Teegeack.

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    1. Wow! I must try and make it to CO. What do you want to know about the last one? I was there for some of it. It was a lot of fun…hope you can make it.


  11. Okay, I noted (in the wrong section) that I was working on some games that could be sprinkled throughout the event(s), such as “Hublibs”, “Who Said It – Source, or a 15-Year-Old-Girl?” and, inspired by Juicer, “Name That Avatar”.

    Of course, if this time, instead of name tags, everyone uses their avatar (which would be really cool), it may not be as challenging. Also, I just had an idea for a Jeopardy-type guessing game (not categories and points, just a definition, and folks need to guess the word).

    I really hope I can come up with something fun. ^_^

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    1. If you want, i can give you the “set” or framework and you can move around avatars or make other guessworks, or i could do it for you.

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