So! …WTF is HowdyCon ?

Just what the f**k IS HowdyCon anyways and what does it mean ??!

I have it on pretty good authority that this very question has been asked by some of the most brilliant minds in history . People like Plato & Socrates .. Leonardo da Vinci & Archimedes ..Spock ( the Vulcan , not the other one ) ..not to mention all the people asking you ” Why the hell are you going to Denver for the weekend …and tell me the truth”.

The name itself is in honor of a man named Steven Cox ..aka CaptainHowdy . He was  (among many other things ) an old punker with a soft heart who lost his sister to Scientology .

The meaning of HowdyCon however … might not be the same for everyone . Please feel free to share what HowdyCon means to you.

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