What HowdyCon means to you


Old punks never die

The meaning of HowdyCon however … might not be the same for everyone .

Please feel free to share what HowdyCon means to you

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26 thoughts on “What HowdyCon means to you

  1. To me Howdycon means being able to go to a party again with a higher chance that Ill meet mostly normal people although Ive braced myself that there will still probably be a person or two there who is a plant.
    Its a risk Im willing to take bc at least for once they won’t be “on their own turf” kindof.
    I’ve really been through a lot the past 3 years and about 13 in total so far of devastating treatment and stalking. You can’t even talk shit in your own home because of bugging and privacy invasion. You can’t have your own feelings. I’m looking forward to finding out how its done: how are they recruiting people to join into the mind games? And success stories of others who have gotten through the erosion campaigns.


  2. Denver Co. is indeed, almost a mile high. You can expect almost a 20% loss in HP and Torque at that altitude with a normally aspirated engine. If you haven’t already done so, install a turbocharger or mechanically driven supercharger for maximum performance at higher altitudes.


    1. So… I can use this weekend as an excuse to make my hubby install a turbocharger for me?!?! I WISH!
      Good info though truly! Just wish the hubs would be convinced he needs to upgrade my mom SUV!


  3. HowdyCon – a place for some of us to share & discuss our Scientology thoughts and experiences with others who can understand & relate and not look at us like we just escaped from the Mars Implant Station

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  4. HC means meeting my online friends/family who helped me figure out wtf just happened after my husband worked for a Scio owned company and over the course of a year we were recruited, treated well, then treated like crap, taken advantage of, then once it became clear I’d been researching CO$ and wasn’t biting, it them turned into an attempt to interfere in my marriage in hopes of him leaving me (while pregnant w/our daughter) so he could “become his most successful version of himself” per his boss. Thankfully my husband is amazing and told them talking about me/marriage was off-limits so he had to find a new job 3 weeks before our girl came (over a month early) after she & I almost didn’t make it. Bunker peeps helped me learn, get through postpartum depression (TWICE) and so it’s since become the place I come everyday to “see friends” hear stories of those gaining their freedom and learning how to help more become aware and do the same!
    Can’t wait to see everyone IRL!

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  5. What HowdyCon means to me…HC means the world to me. In the past decade my world has completely shrunk due to having to care for my mom. Our finances have taken a hit too, so I literally have had no social life. The Bunker became my primary social life and a place where I could learn, laugh, cry and most importantly meet some pretty amazing people. Meeting them in real life was like greeting long lost family in a lot of ways.
    Because of my circumstances I couldn’t even spend a lot of time at the first HC and it was in my own backyard. This year I am free of taking care of my mom and am trying everything in my power to try and make it to Denver. I hope it works out as I have always wanted to see Denver anyway. I have a hunch HC2 will be even bigger than the first one. xo

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    1. Interesting. I, too got hooked on the Bunker while taking care of my elderly mother. It’s interesting where the mind goes as you’re watching disease processes take place. A place so convoluted, so byzantine, so tangled that it can divert one from incredibly unpleasant realities swirling about them.

      I’m not sure about this Howdy Con thing. I was never in Scientology and it seems a bit odd to go, but I am intrigued and researching.

      I hope your world is happier now, Frodis.

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      1. Oh Ann I can so relate! I haven’t missed a Bunker post since I started reading it (around the time of Katie and toms breakup) and it was also a much needed escape through my moms illness and subsequent death. I continue to. E fascinated and read everything I can get my hands on. I want to go to HowdyCon so bad (I live in Portland) but I feel a little silly. I’m going to see if I can work up the nerve!

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        1. Hey, Erica. My condolences on your mother’s passing. I’m really missing my folks with Easter coming up. As a clueless wog, I will be celebrating the resurrection of my Savior (not a religious fanatic, but I grew up Lutheran and hey, I try to keep the faith though it’s hard sometimes) with ham and chocolate,😇😉😜 or at least I hope I will be celebrating. I’m an only child as is my husband and we have no kids, so it’s a bit lonely at times especially over the holidays. I thank God I have him-but one person away from no family feels vulnerable at times! Yeah, it’s been a bit of a passed at times over the last decade or so. I guess one thing I get from the Bunker is inspiration from former Scientologists, who have survived even worse things than I as a never-in. That, and the sheer amazement at the c__p that LRHubturd managed to cook up in his crazy mind.

          Anyway, I’m still debating HowdyCon . It feels kind strange to go since I was never even recruited to be a Scientologist, despite the fact that I lived in Clearwater for several years! Is there an agenda for this thing? Workshops? Roundtable discussions? I guess a viewing of “My Scientology Movie” is slated, but what else will happen? I guess I should email the planner (Kim, I think?) and ask directly. Perhaps some “Agenda Tech” would quell my nerves and help me make a good decision about whether to attend.

          Best to you, Erica. Hopefully we’ll meet in person. The Portland Trailblazers are playing New Orleans right now on TV. Do you follow them? I guess they’re in the playoffs, so hey, that’s good….. But I will have to root for the Warriors because, Draymond Green went to MSU and do did I, though many years apart!

          Okay, back to hoops and folding laundry…

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  6. HowdyCon means to me al lot of beautiful things: mainly to have the occasion to see in 3d wonderful people I blogged with, saw on video or head in podcast (Just discovered that Chris lives in Denver, so I guess he will pass by…); not only that, it means the possibility to enjoy Colorado for the fist time, its wonderful landscape, may be flying over the Rocky mountains and riding a bike throught its incredible roads. Looking forward to meet all of you there. Ciao!

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  7. I am probably totally wrong, but Vancouver doesn’t have cool little neighborhoods like Cap. Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Ballard (sigh yes, even ballard has some co;&oessl#8230n), West Seattle, etc and etc.I agree that Vancouver has a lot more condos, but did you notice they all look alike?Man, I can’t WAIT to get back up to Vancouver so I can go to Robson Street! 😛 – Rate this comment: 0  0


  8. Is there a list for people looking to share a room? Hopefully all the hot guys will have their own rooms.. (lol- only half kidding) I like the name that avatar game for the first evening get together. some of us will be more obvious than others, but perhaps a few will surprise us..

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    1. oh, and HowdyCon means ‘the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual members’. Kind of like Pink Floyd. What an extraordinary bunch of people!


      1. If I get my shit together enough to make it, I will keep it in mind. However, much as I’d like to claim to be under 40, I’m a wee bit older. You’ll probably get an offer more in line with your preferences tho. Thx for responding!

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  9. What HowdyCon means to me is that I will finally get to meet lots of folks I have only known as commenters at the Bunker. Also, I am tickled to think of how Steve/Cap’n Howdy would laugh at us all for doing this, in a lovingly cynical way.

    I am looking forward to this so much! And soooo glad I don’t have to travel more than 30 miles to attend. See you all in June!

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  10. I was not aware of this site when Howdy was posting. My impression, from comments I’ve seen is that HowdyCon is a celebration of a man who would be touched by the recognition all the while pretending to be mortified. Oh, and also an opportunity to party.

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  11. Okay, I misread the title. I was just too excited.

    To me, HowdyCon is a family reunion, with some of the most creative, knowledgeable, infuriating, goofy and fun people evar. It’s the IRL representation of the most unique place on the Net, except that it has real booze and, evidently, people make note of whose buttprints are left on the bed during championship games. So, yeah. Family.


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  12. So cool!! Thanks Kim and Dice!! I’m working on some possible games that can be played throughout HowdyCon – “HubLibs”, “Who Said It? – Source, or a 15-Year-Old-Girl?” and, on inspiration from Juicer, “Name That Avatar”. Prizes not guaranteed or implied. Just sayin’. ^_^

    I do hope there will be a chance for live interaction with the Bunker for those who have to party vicariously through the lucky ones. I’m sure everyone would like to raise a glass to the Captain and SugarPlumFairy together with the rest of the ragged fringe. I know I would.

    Anyhoo! Very thanks!!!!!

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