What HowdyCon means to you


Old punks never die

The meaning of HowdyCon however … might not be the same for everyone .

Please feel free to share what HowdyCon means to you

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14 thoughts on “What HowdyCon means to you

  1. Is there a list for people looking to share a room? Hopefully all the hot guys will have their own rooms.. (lol- only half kidding) I like the name that avatar game for the first evening get together. some of us will be more obvious than others, but perhaps a few will surprise us..


    1. oh, and HowdyCon means ‘the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual members’. Kind of like Pink Floyd. What an extraordinary bunch of people!


      1. If I get my shit together enough to make it, I will keep it in mind. However, much as I’d like to claim to be under 40, I’m a wee bit older. You’ll probably get an offer more in line with your preferences tho. Thx for responding!


  2. What HowdyCon means to me is that I will finally get to meet lots of folks I have only known as commenters at the Bunker. Also, I am tickled to think of how Steve/Cap’n Howdy would laugh at us all for doing this, in a lovingly cynical way.

    I am looking forward to this so much! And soooo glad I don’t have to travel more than 30 miles to attend. See you all in June!

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  3. I was not aware of this site when Howdy was posting. My impression, from comments I’ve seen is that HowdyCon is a celebration of a man who would be touched by the recognition all the while pretending to be mortified. Oh, and also an opportunity to party.

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  4. Okay, I misread the title. I was just too excited.

    To me, HowdyCon is a family reunion, with some of the most creative, knowledgeable, infuriating, goofy and fun people evar. It’s the IRL representation of the most unique place on the Net, except that it has real booze and, evidently, people make note of whose buttprints are left on the bed during championship games. So, yeah. Family.


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  5. So cool!! Thanks Kim and Dice!! I’m working on some possible games that can be played throughout HowdyCon – “HubLibs”, “Who Said It? – Source, or a 15-Year-Old-Girl?” and, on inspiration from Juicer, “Name That Avatar”. Prizes not guaranteed or implied. Just sayin’. ^_^

    I do hope there will be a chance for live interaction with the Bunker for those who have to party vicariously through the lucky ones. I’m sure everyone would like to raise a glass to the Captain and SugarPlumFairy together with the rest of the ragged fringe. I know I would.

    Anyhoo! Very thanks!!!!!

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