HowdyCon Poster & Banner

If you want your own copy of the HowdyCon banner or poster here is what to do:

We used the online printer service and they will print and ship to most of the World but you have to put some work into it.

First you have to create an account with them and you have make some choices when it comes to quality and size, but as we have tried both the big banner and the smaller poster, there is no doubt about the quality is what you would expect and the price is down to a low $30-50 with handling and shipping.

To make the image useful, with small and big size products, we have uploaded two different images, in different resolution and file-size, otherwise they are identical.

Poster: (1195×691 Pixels) file size 1.7 MB (1,741,901 bytes)
Banner: (poster 2392×1308 pixels) file size 30.0 MB (29,959,407 bytes)

What you do, is to click on the links above, so the image will be shown in another Tab in your Browser, and then select [Save image as] (Right click on your mouse) from the Pop-Up Menu and save the image to your Hard Disk or USB.

Now go to – Banners and posters and select any product you would like to print out the image on and follow the instructions on their site.
If selecting a small size product, then use the small image. If you select a big size product you will use the large image from the links above.
One important thing is to understand that every Avatar is a square of 92×92 pixels and if you stretch the design or image, you will stretch and change the square Avatars too. So the trick is to select a poster or banner that is horizontal as we made the design to be fitted to.

When you create your poster or banner, you will have the option to type in some text like we did, but you can type in whatever you want. Like this:

We also have this “Board game – without any rules” image with coordinates (A-Z, 1-15) if you want to use that for something.

Board Game: (2450×1450 pixels) file size 6.9 MB (6,862,722 bytes)


Now! – If you still want this work to be done but without all the hassle with VistaPrint, design and frustration or you simply just want someone to do it for you, then you might get lucky if you ask Bunkerite – Liberated to see if she can do her magic and send a finished copy to you. If not, you have to wait until we get some Online-printer store, to accept people to order a finished product with a few clicks. — Dice


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