RSVP all done dinner.



\This covers appetizers , dinner , 2 house drinks , dessert/coffee & the service charge . The bartender will have a tip jar so please don’t forget how hard they work .


This will be a casual buffet and a great place to mingle . We have the space until closing time so feel free to bar hop .


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  1. Hello Attendees, I’m driving to Denver since I’m stopping to see my daughter half way in St. Louis. Bringing tennis rackets and lots of tennis balls for free clinics and lessons if you want some fresh air and some exercise. If you never thought tennis was simple to play well, guess again. Look forward to seeing more Bunkeroos. I’ve met a few when I went to first Miss Lovely book signing after first showing of Going Clear in Hollywood and enjoyed the company.


  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks so much for organizing this!!! Mr. and Mrs Dave Music will be there. We’re never-ins who have family deep in the cult with whom we still have good relations. Loved seeing the video from last year’s HowdyCon! Unfortunately we’re having to wear disguises Saturday night because we’re sure OSA will be reviewing this year’s video; my first avatar pix on Tony’s site displays my odd disguise!

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    1. we are all kind of connected – my email is My cell is 720 435 6045 . The day of the event ( as long as you have paid on the pay pal account ) you can call or text me in the morning . If you want to join is for cocktails on Thursday night ( not far from the hotel ) ..text me on Thursday . It’s going to be from like 5-7:30 or so .


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