Time to start getting a head count for Saturday night dinner !!   It is going to be casual and not far from downtown . In order to avoid any ..shall we say …drama , everyone will get the location information on Saturday .  I want to make this as easy as possible for the venue and for us  , so please bring $40 in cash with you and we will collect at the door . This covers appetizers , dinner , 2 house drinks , dessert/coffee & the service charge . The bartender will have a tip jar so please don’t forget how hard they work .

We will also be checking the names off of the RSVP list to avoid party crashers 🙂  I understand if you do not want to use your real name  so the avi name is fine for here . However , if you are not on the RSVP list and do not have $40 , you will not get in the door.

This will be a casual buffet and a great place to mingle . We have the space until closing time so feel free to bar hop .

I will need to have a head count for dinner by June 14th …hope to see you there !

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  1. Sorry to tell you that my friend isn’t gonna be able to make it down, but I will be there with bells on to meet a lot of you courageous and very intelligent people. Excited!


  2. Im not sure if I’m getting this right. I’m a declared SP. I’m guessing this is an event for me. Are there workshops/speakers? Or is just a general SP dinner? I want to go! Please tell me how I can find out more.


    1. trust me , there will be ZERO workshops 😉 It’s a party . I will change the website with the plans but here ya go
      Thursday – for those who are in town , we meet at a bar downtown for early cocktail party . I can give everyone ideas and scoops for what to do …

      Friday day ~ i can point people to the zoo , Red Rocks , Museums , yadda yadda . I can take some novice hikers on a nice long nature walk at a wonderful place right outside of the city ( only 15 / 20 min’s )

      Friday night – our hotel does not have a bar – but another poster is hosting a wine / cheese party , and we have overflow to the bar right next door . Then we can all disperse to bar hopping , grab dinner in a cool district within walking distance .

      Saturday ~ pointing like i did on friday 😉
      Saturday Night – dinner is outside of downtown , just a short bus ride from right out front of the hotel , or an uber for like $4. This is where the special guests will be . We have the place all night long , and there are plenty of other places to bar hop

      Sunday – there is a place just a few blocks away from the hotel that is large enough for those who want to …to have brunch and listen to some live music


  3. I really want to go to this. I’d be coming from Portland Oregon. I see that there is a dinner planned for Saturday, are there any other events planned for the weekend? Does anybody know?

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    1. Cocktail party Thursday night ….nothing formal for Friday . ( people can enjoy the beautiful day and i anticipate bar hopping later ) Dinner Saturday …just fun in the sun . Any hiking or art museum visits or zoo visits . I have a place to suggest for Sunday brunch but nothing formal . I think we could call the day before and get a couple of big tables reserved


  4. YES!!!! I am so looking forward to it! My sister lives close and may want to come with me – I will let you know as soon as I can.

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  5. RSVP for me! Can’t wait! Won’t know my flight details for a bit, my GF who’s a flight attendant is letting me buy via her family/buddy-pass rate so we can’t book till it’s a bit closer.

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  6. We in Global Capitalism HQ are interested in attending but probably won’t be able to make a final scheduling decision until late May or early June depending on the press of business and the feasibility of adding some sightseeing/bike touring to the mix (I really want to try Mount Evans). Regardless, I’ll probably be going solo and will leave the usual entourage of supermodels and interns at home.

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    1. I’ll be really happy to meet you there. You’re quite a mith to me. Looking forward to see you in person (your punctual posts are always a must reat for every one who wants to understand whats going on in the CO$, thanks). Andrea


  7. Oh yes, the Chocolate Velvet will be there! We are moving to a new place around that time, so I might be wrung out like an old dish towel, but I will be there. Not sure if the hubby is coming, so it might be +1. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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  8. Lori Banister. I will be happy to attend all events and live in Denver, so I will help in any way I can. If it’s okay, I will be bringing my husband to dinner. Thanks.

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  9. OK OK OK, well if my loan request gets approved by the money masters, in a week I will have a new RV I can travel to Denver in and won’t have to rent while I’m there. It has 4 beds so I can handle 3 more who can’t pay hotel. I will park somewhere near the trolleys so it’s a straight shot to dinner so count me in on the 40$ dinner and I’ll add 3 bunks for someone who can’t afford. I could possibly pick-up on my way a few driving LA->LV>SLC>Denver. I’ll let you know if the loan gets approved 🙂

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    1. Cece – I’m in SoCal so if you get approved, let me know if you want a road trip buddy since I can’t buy my plane tix till close to then anyway! I’ll get my email & phone # to you and if you’re up for a roomie/bunk mate I can buy food/give you $ for gas & staying with as that’ll make it FAR easier for me to pull off going!


  10. Very interested! We live in Denver and would find it a very productive evening. Just label me as …My Operating Thatan is actually a SP.

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  11. Sorry… maybe I should ask if it is ok for me to even attend Howdy-Con! I am a “never-in”, but the hubbs and I are very interested in this subject. He works in the Colo State Legislature, and we are wanting to help fight this cult if we can. We’ve also been talking to Rinder about a few things…anyway, I guess I had better make sure it is ok for never-ins to attend this shindig!

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    1. Of course you can come !! And thank you for the MMJ card offer . There are some cancer survivors that will be joining us and they have some specific needs . My card should be here by then , but you never know .


  12. BTW, I am a Denver resident and I have an MMJ card…just sayin’. I could help a few people out as long as it’s not TOO many. 👍😆🍀

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