HowdyCon 2017

Hello all you Bunker lovers ! Welcome to ..( drum roll please ) HowdyCon Part II  in Denver  !! 🙂  This is a great city so start planning right away . Click on the link at the bottom of the page to book your hotel rooms.

A few things to keep in mind for those of you who will be here for the first time ~

From the fabulous Denver International Airport ( and alien sub station ) there is a train that goes RIGHT downtown to Union Station . Please see link.

Also great info on the light rail . If you are staying downtown , this is the way to go .

We really are one mile closer to the sun here in D-Town …don’t forget to wear sunscreen

DRINK WATER , LOTS OF WATER , MORE WATER and then drink another glass of WATER

Less oxygen here …keep that in mind if you would like me to organize a hike . The Boulder Flatirons are beautiful  DayHike and there is a wonderful place in the middle of Denver called The Rocky Mountain Arsenal where you can take a nice long walk and see deer and buffalo , bald eagles , hawks , and a view of the Front Range that will take your breath away RockyMountainArsenal

If you do not want to stay at the hotel and would rather do the Airbnb route , some  neighborhoods that are just a hop , skip , and a jump away from downtown Denver are Baker , Capital Hill , The Highlands ( NOT not be confused with Higlands Ranch …for the reals ) HiLow & City Park . Airbnb If you have any questions about the locale , feel free to ask me

And oh yeah ..Marijuana is legal here !!!  We have both medicinal and recreational . However , your out of state medicinal cards will not be valid here . I have applied for a Medical card however the state is a little backed up . I do not anticipate a problem .Here is a guide to dispensaries in downtown Denver EasyGuide

Book your group rate for HowdyCon The rooms are tagged for Friday and Saturday but if you are arriving early and leaving later …just tell them that you are with HowdyCon and they should still give you the discounted rate for Thursday and Sunday .

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So! …WTF is HowdyCon ?

Just what the f**k IS HowdyCon anyways and what does it mean ??!

I have it on pretty good authority that this very question has been asked by some of the most brilliant minds in history . People like Plato & Socrates .. Leonardo da Vinci & Archimedes ..Spock ( the Vulcan , not the other one ) ..not to mention all the people asking you ” Why the hell are you going to Denver for the weekend …and tell me the truth”.

The name itself is in honor of a man named Steven Cox ..aka CaptainHowdy . He was  (among many other things ) an old punker with a soft heart who lost his sister to Scientology .

The meaning of HowdyCon however … might not be the same for everyone . Please feel free to share what HowdyCon means to you.

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Things to do in Denver when you’re NOT Dead

Hello and Welcome !!!  There is something for everyone here . Foodies , beer lovers, artists , outdoor enthusiasts, stoners ,theater groupies and people who think that aliens have  built a city underneath the Denver International Airport 🙂 Take a peek

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