HowdyCon 2017



Dinner RSVP is all wrapped up –

For those of you who are arriving before Friday ..Thursday night , there is going to be a cocktail party from 5-7 , at a bar within walking distance from the hotel . Great time to catch up with old friends and maybe meet a few new ones .

Friday day ~ I can direct you to some of the very best things about Colorado and Denver . Red Rocks ( breathtaking )  ..Boulder ( serene ) Garden of The Gods ( ancient )  Best Place to Attach a Motor to yourself  and a Parachute to Your Back and Fly Like A Bird ( ? ) Art Museum ( one of the best ) Zoo , Museum , IMAX ~ all in one place ( trifecta ! )

Friday Night ~  Our hotel does not have a bar , so one of the Bunker Goddesses will be hosting a small cocktail party on the roof and we have overflow ability with the hotel right next door that has a full bar and restaurant . You can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a place to have a burger , a slice , a fancy dinner . The 16th Street Mall is our oyster . I am going to reserve some bowling lanes and instead of reserving any space for food and cocktails , we are going to just see how many people want to go to Lucky Strike and claim a room . I still think that Tracks is the best gay bar in town and the dancing is awesome .

Saturday day ~ ( see Friday day ^^ )

Saturday Night ~ 6pm . The Magic Happens .

Sunday ~ There is a great place that is just a block or so away from the hotel . Great brunch , live music , and hair of the dog .


A few things to keep in mind for those of you who will be here for the first time ~

From the fabulous Denver International Airport ( and alien sub station ) there is a train that goes RIGHT downtown to Union Station . Please see link.

Also great info on the light rail . If you are staying downtown , this is the way to go .

We really are one mile closer to the sun here in D-Town …don’t forget to wear sunscreen

DRINK WATER , LOTS OF WATER , MORE WATER and then drink another glass of WATER

Less oxygen here …keep that in mind if you would like me to organize a hike . The Boulder Flatirons are beautiful  DayHike and there is a wonderful place in the middle of Denver called The Rocky Mountain Arsenal where you can take a nice long walk and see deer and buffalo , bald eagles , hawks , and a view of the Front Range that will take your breath away RockyMountainArsenal

If you do not want to stay at the hotel and would rather do the Airbnb route , some  neighborhoods that are just a hop , skip , and a jump away from downtown Denver are Baker , Capital Hill , The Highlands ( NOT not be confused with Higlands Ranch …for the reals ) HiLow & City Park . Airbnb If you have any questions about the locale , feel free to ask me

And oh yeah ..Marijuana is legal here !!!  We have both medicinal and recreational . However , your out of state medicinal cards will not be valid here . I have applied for a Medical card however the state is a little backed up . I do not anticipate a problem .Here is a guide to dispensaries in downtown Denver EasyGuide

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So! …WTF is HowdyCon ?

Just what the f**k IS HowdyCon anyways and what does it mean ??!

I have it on pretty good authority that this very question has been asked by some of the most brilliant minds in history . People like Plato & Socrates .. Leonardo da Vinci & Archimedes ..Spock ( the Vulcan , not the other one ) ..not to mention all the people asking you ” Why the hell are you going to Denver for the weekend …and tell me the truth”.

The name itself is in honor of a man named Steven Cox ..aka CaptainHowdy . He was  (among many other things ) an old punker with a soft heart who lost his sister to Scientology .

The meaning of HowdyCon however … might not be the same for everyone . Please feel free to share what HowdyCon means to you.

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Things to do in Denver when you’re NOT Dead

Hello and Welcome !!!  There is something for everyone here . Foodies , beer lovers, artists , outdoor enthusiasts, stoners ,theater groupies and people who think that aliens have  built a city underneath the Denver International Airport 🙂 Take a peek

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